Contronics is a leading supplier of monitoring systems for hospitals and NHS Trusts

For over 25 years, Contronics has supplied hospitals and NHS Trusts with:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Airflow sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Oxygen level monitors
  • Particle counters
  • And temperature and humidity monitors

Our intelligent sensor systems enable you to monitor and measure a range of key parameters with high accuracy and reliability in environments ranging from -200 to +200c.



As a UKAS accredited, ISO 17025 approved, MHRA and CQC compliant supplier, you can be assured that a Contronics system will provide your organisation with accurate and reliable results, ensuring strict storage compliance criteria is met as well as protecting invaluable live tissue samples.


Take full control and eliminate mitigate human error with our wireless hospital monitoring system which is secure and resilient, comes with multi-alarm alert options, a broad range of sensor types, an intuitive user interface and comprehensive support for when you need it most. 


Contronics works with many NHS Trusts and Boards and has established entrusted supplier status over the past 25 years. This has given us deep insights into the way in which different healthcare organisations operate and has allowed us to refine our systems to fit varying needs.

The flexibility of our systems is very valuable within hospitals and healthcare. Some Trusts and Boards have been very keen on wired installations to get total peace of mind, whilst others have favoured flexibility through wireless. Some Trusts and Boards have had a per-department approach, others favour a holistic reach. We understand the different points of view and have accommodated them.

Contronics’ solutions are tailor-made for this sector ensuring robust data integrity.

We are here to help

With over 25 years of experience supporting hospitals and NHS Trusts, we provide reliable, accurate and cost-effective solutions that ensure strict regulatory compliance is met. We would be delighted to learn more about your project and discuss how Contronics can help support you.

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