What are temperature excursions?

Temperature excursions are changes in temperature that go above or below recommended ranges. When it comes to storing products and samples, monitoring temperature excursions is vital to ensure safety and integrity.

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Different systems will utilise different methods, but here at Contronics, the method by which you will be alerted of temperature excursions is entirely up to you. If your organisation or laboratory is manned 24/7, we can implement local alerts. This means that an alarm will sound if there are any temperature excursions so that the team can handle the issue. There are several options for local alarm alerts additional to our InfoPoint user interface; you could request a repeater beacon sounder that will alert you and your team at a distance, or you could use our Alarm Monitor interface.

An Alarm Monitor is an option designed for individuals who are not trained to handle products or samples, like security or reception personnel. So, when non-clinical personnel receive the alert, they can promptly pass on the issue to the team responsible for the products or samples using the contact details. Alternatively, a message can also appear on the screen. Both are smart ways to ensure that any excursions are promptly dealt with.

Furthermore, if an organisation is not manned 24/7, out-of-hours notifications can be generated in several ways. Alerts can be sent via email, speech message, text message or push notification via an app.

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