Are you in the life science industry and looking for a temperature monitoring system for your laboratory?

Sample and bio-product storage is a natural part of the life sciences industry, which is why an effective, reliable and fully compliant temperature monitoring system is essential for maintaining sample integrity and reducing product loss.

A solution that is cost-effective, compliant and risk-averse

Our advanced technology precisely monitors sample temperatures, collects and stores data automatically, and promptly alerts you of any temperature excursions. We aim to streamline your workflow with our system by sending you alerts only when needed and providing temperature data 24/7. Our monitoring system is completely compliant with industry regulations like 21 CFR Part 11, MHRA, HTA, WHO and many more.


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Benefits of using our solution:

  • Flexibility – We offer wired, wireless and hybrid monitoring systems for a bespoke solution to suit your facility.
  • Usability – You can track the status of your parameters within your facility with the InfoPoint touchscreen display, from your laptop with the online portal or in palm of your hand with our app.
  • Reliability – Our alarm and push notification features will notify you as soon as there is an excursion to give you plenty of time to fix the issue before it becomes a problem.
  • Supportive – You’ll receive support from us regularly. We offer preventative maintenance, annual calibration, validation, and mapping services to ensure your equipment is working properly. We also provide comprehensive documentation to help you prepare for any regulatory audits to keep your operations running smoothly.


How Contronics enables Cryoniss to provide secure temperature controlled storage

Recently, we worked with Cryoniss, a life science company to provide them with an efficient laboratory temperature monitoring system. The team at Cryoniss needed a solution that had a contingency plan in place that would ensure the system would still work in case of an emergency. To accommodate this need, we developed built-in power-cut fail-safes that would keep the system running, even with external factors like weather problems or connectivity issues.

Our installation team helped answer any questions the Cryoniss team had on the day and explained how to use the system thoroughly so that they could make the most of our solution. As part of our service, we also came back for an annual calibration to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

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