Posted on: 5/07/24

Before automated laboratory temperature monitoring systems became as prominent as they are today, laboratories relied on manual solutions to keep their products and samples safe which could often lead to human error. Furthermore, with staff needing to leave the laboratory at the end of the day, products and samples would frequently be left without any monitoring at all, leaving them at risk of a variety of external factors such as power cuts.

Without the 24-hour monitoring systems that we know today, the laboratory personnel would have had no chance of knowing of the incident until the following day. This meant that the samples being stored would be left to sit in unstable temperatures for hours before someone could intervene, potentially resulting in irreversible damage and loss of countless temperature-sensitive products and samples. Nowadays, automated temperature monitoring systems are more common and a necessity in today's modern laboratories as they help reduce these kinds of risks.

Laboratories nowadays benefit a lot from automated temperature monitoring systems. Systems like ours are designed to safeguard temperature-sensitive products and samples around the clock by continuously tracking temperature inside sample storage areas and equipment and alerting personnel to any excursions in real time. An automated laboratory temperature monitoring system not only helps maintain sample integrity but also ensures compliance with industry regulations, guidelines, and best practices, including MHRA, WHO, HTA, and 21 CFR Part 11.

Other than temperature, our systems can measure parameters such as relative humidity, carbon dioxide, door status and much more, so you can rest assured that your products and samples will be monitored under any condition. Not to mention, our systems include an intuitive user interface that has a clear layout of audit trails, graphs and alarms for additional ease of use.

One of the main unforeseen circumstances that can cause temperature excursions inside storage areas and equipment is loss of signal through power cuts or network interruptions. From weather to human error, an electronic system's connection can be potentially severed at any moment. This is why both our wired and wireless are resilient to data loss thanks to an implemented system backup that happens every 24 hours. Moreover, both systems are backed up with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) to ensure that, in the event of a power cut, our monitoring system continues to work for additional peace of mind.

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