Temperature Mapping Services

Temperature Mapping Services: UKAS Accredited

Hospital laboratories, pharmacies, life science and distribution organisations are required to carry out temperature mapping of storage equipment and areas upon commission and on a periodic basis, in line with regulatory requirements and good practice guidelines.

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What is temperature mapping?

Temperature mapping is the process of ensuring that temperature-sensitive samples or products are stored at the appropriate temperature to maintain their quality and integrity. It involves measuring and recording data such as the temperature distribution within a specific storage area or cooling equipment using monitoring probes, temperature sensors or data loggers. These data loggers are strategically positioned at various locations within the storage area or cooling equipment to monitor and maintain temperature at different points over time, allowing for the collection of detailed temperature data. The collected data can then be analysed to create detailed maps of temperature distribution within the storage area, cold room or equipment.

Temperature mapping plays a critical role in preventing any damage or spoilage of samples or products, as it can identify any areas with excessively high or low temperatures, as well as any temperature fluctuations. The data loggers also notify you of any excursions in temperature or any hot or cold spots in the entire system, providing an early warning if the temperature of your equipment is off by even a few degrees.

Why are temperature mapping services important and who needs it?

Hospital laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, life science and distribution organisations require temperature mapping and therefore, need to carry out temperature mapping exercises and studies of storage areas or equipment. This whole mapping process is to ensure the safety of the products being stored and to track temperature fluctuations and data in real-time. Since a majority of the time, the products being stored are temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, it is vital to ensure they stay in excellent condition. Naturally, the storage area or equipment must also be in line with regulatory requirements and good practice guidelines.

Benefits of Temperature Mapping Services

As mentioned above, temperature mapping is a necessity for organisations within the healthcare and laboratory research industries. However, there are additional benefits to using temperature mapping services such as:

  • Peace of mind regarding sample quality for both you and your clients
  • Reduced product wastage/spoilage through temperature-controlled environment
  • Enhanced product security
  • Safe storage of temperature data

Contronics can help you achieve all of the necessities of bio-product storage while also providing you with a hassle-free temperature mapping service.

Factors that can affect temperature mapping

However, there are several factors that can impact the performance, efficiency and data collection of temperature mapping equipment. These include:

  • Seasonal weather variation
  • Stock levels and movement
  • Door open status

For example, whether the outside temperature is high or low may affect the temperature distribution within the temperature-controlled units. Similarly, if the stock levels or movement of products within the storage area are high, it may impact the temperature distribution. The same is true if the doors of the storage area or equipment are opened frequently.

How Contronics deals with these factors

These factors can affect the accuracy of the temperature mapping data and must be taken into account when carrying out the temperature mapping study. A professional temperature mapping team like ours will consider these factors to ensure accurate and reliable thermal mapping study results. We can even adjust the temperature mapping study based on the specific circumstances of the storage area or equipment being mapped.

What we map

  • Refrigerators
  • Transport vehicles
  • Freezers
  • ULT freezers
  • Incubators
  • Cold stores
  • Warehouses
  • Room areas
  • Transport boxes
  • Stability chambers

How our team can help

Our team of industry experts will guide you through the process of choosing a successful temperature mapping solution for you. We can then recommend a temperature mapping strategy that best suits your organisation based on the products stored and equipment/area that requires our temperature mapping studies. Our temperature mapping studies are designed to help you identify any temperature variations or hot spots within your equipment or storage area, ensuring that your temperature-sensitive products are stored under optimal conditions and in the correct temperature range. If you have any questions about our data logger systems, sensors or monitoring probes, we are always happy to answer them as part of our professional temperature mapping service.

Our Recommendations

If you decide you need a more consistent product, we can also recommend one of our temperature monitoring systems. They use data loggers to provide accurate and reliable temperature readings and data in temperature-controlled storage environments. These software and hardware solutions can be installed either wired or wirelessly, helping to monitor the temperature of your samples in real-time. Our temperature monitoring systems also come with alarm capabilities, allowing you to receive notifications if the temperature falls outside of your specified range. This helps you take corrective action quickly to prevent any damage or spoilage to your temperature-sensitive products.

During the temperature mapping study

Our field service engineers will attend the site and complete the temperature mapping study, using high-accuracy data loggers which are backed up with ISO 17025 standard calibration and full traceability. Afterwards, we will provide a comprehensive report containing all the necessary data regarding the temperature mapping of your equipment. One of the details we include is specific data regarding hot and cold spots so you know which areas have the optimum temperature for your products.


Lastly, all our data logger methods align with MHRA, WHO, ISPE and EU GxP standards and best practice guidelines. As a UKAS-accredited company, Contronics’ ISO 17025 standard professional temperature mapping services are intended to assist our medical laboratory customers and to meet the requirements of ISO 15189. So there is no need to worry about compliance with regulations as that is our top priority at Contronics.

For details of Contronics’ temperature mapping accreditation, click here.

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