Posted on: 8/03/24

A temperature monitoring system is a great way to ensure your temperature-sensitive samples remain safeguarded against temperature excursion-related impact or damage. However, just like any system, it requires some basic maintenance and upkeep to ensure its readings remain accurate. This can be done through system calibration. In this article, we'll go through what temperature monitoring system calibration is, why it is important and how Contronics can help you achieve and maintain overall compliance.

What is temperature monitoring system calibration?

Temperature monitoring system calibration is the process of comparing the measurements of temperature monitoring equipment like sensors, with a known accurate reference, ensuring that the sensor readings are accurate.

Why is calibration important?

Ensuring your temperature monitoring system is regularly calibrated is vital because it enhances system accuracy and reduces the chances of product damage or loss as a result of any inaccuracies. Although it isn't a legal requirement, calibrating your temperature monitoring systems is also a great way to follow best practices and regulatory standards and guidelines, as well as earn your customers' trust and confidence in your ability to safeguard their products and samples.

How can Contronics help?

At Contronics, we perform sensor calibration to an approved in-house SOP or ISO 17025 standard. Our accreditations demonstrate that, as a company, we can oversee and execute maintenance tasks, including multi-point calibration of temperature sensors, servicing both wired and wireless loggers, and providing temperature mapping services. This ensures that customers' products and samples stay safely stored in equipment with accurate temperature monitoring sensors.

We even take it a step further by offering additional services such as end-to-end alarm testing, and sensor and system performance validation so you can rest assured that we can ensure system dependability on all accounts.

Want to find out more about how Contronics can help you with your temperature monitoring calibration needs? Get in touch today.