Posted on: 14/02/24

Temperature monitoring is crucial for safely storing items like samples and products, particularly in fields such as healthcare and life science. Temperature monitoring is the process of measuring and recording the temperature of a specific environment, like refrigeration storage equipment, to ensure that its internal temperature does not fluctuate. Temperature excursions can be detrimental to temperature-sensitive products and samples, so ensuring that your organisation has a reliable temperature monitoring system is very important.

Traditionally, there are two methods of temperature monitoring: manual and automated.

Manual monitoring requires regular checks by staff to ensure the equipment stays within its set temperature parameters. However, this approach can be time-consuming and burdensome for employees. Not to mention, the potential for human error poses a risk to the integrity of the stored items.

In contrast, automated temperature monitoring systems, like ours, have gained popularity for their efficiency and reliability. Automated systems continuously monitor the temperature, freeing up staff from repetitive tasks and minimising the risk of errors. What's more, automated temperature monitoring systems can now monitor temperature remotely with apps and interfaces like our App or Portal. This means that employees can not only focus on other tasks instead of manually checking on the equipment, but they can access the monitoring systems reading from their phones or laptops.

With automated temperature monitoring systems, maintaining the correct temperature becomes seamless and hassle-free. Interested in upgrading to an automated solution? Click here to find out how much you could save with Contronics' advanced system.