Contronics & NHS Supply Chain

Order a Contronics Monitoring System in 5 Easy Steps

As a long-standing NHS supplier, we understand that the hospital and healthcare sector in the UK continues to face stringent regulatory hurdles whilst managing constrained budgets and resources.

That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for NHS customers to implement Contronics monitoring systems in their organisations via NHS Supply Chain.

Save Time & Money

We have found that our customers save an average of £30,000 per project by avoiding costly tendering processes when ordering through the NHS Supply Chain.

Ordering via the NHS Supply Chain removes the need to:

  • Appoint a bid manager
  • Gain the approval of 1-10 stakeholders
  • Create a URS, supplier questionnaire, price schedule, scoring matrix and T&Cs
  • Evaluate and score each bid, shortlist, evaluate again, award the tender and answer any questions

The NHS Supply Chain process negates the need to go to tender, speeding up the implementation process.

Contronics has already been awarded to the Framework Agreement for the supply of Temperature Monitoring & Mapping Systems