WifiNode Wireless Logger

WifiNode, our Wifi wireless logger, is a 2-input device: ideal for monitoring a fridge storing therapeutic products requiring both air and core temperature monitoring, in line with MHRA requirements. A 4-input version is also available. WifiNode connects to your existing Wifi network.

WifiNode makes continuous sensor measurements at 15-second intervals and the worst excursion during the logging interval is stored in the database. WifiNode inputs can be configured for temperature or humidity measurements. It uses lithium batteries to acheive a battery life in excess of 1 year.


WifiNode can sotre a week’s worth of logged data, should the Wifi network fail. This range of loggers seamlessly integrates with Prolog to provide wireless only systems if required, although we believe a combination of both wired and wireless loggers will often provide the most cost-effective solution.