Contronics is a UKAS accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Laboratory. We offer on-site temperature calibration and temperature mapping to ISO 17025 standard.

Typically, our customers require system calibration and validation to be performed annually. Contronics will perform sensor calibration to an approved in-house SOP or ISO 17025 standard. Additional services such as end-to-end alarm testing and sensor validation challenge and validate the system performance at installation and periodically thereafter.

We prepare a comprehensive documentation package ready for you to demonstrate compliance during internal and external audits. This documentation pack includes UKAS or in-house calibration certificates subject to your requirements.


Who is doing your calibration work?

For more information and to understand what being confident in your calibration service provider can mean for you, download the UKAS calibration brochure.

For details of Contronics’ calibration accreditation, click here.


Download the UKAS Accreditation Calibration Brochure: