Temperature monitoring systems rely on sensors to precisely monitor the temperature of product storage units and areas, safeguarding products and samples against any adverse effects caused by temperature excursions. It is important for these sensors to be calibrated for a few reasons, such as: 

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System Accuracy

Sensor calibration is essentially an accuracy check, making sure that the system is running to specification. It is important for temperature monitoring systems to be calibrated periodically, with the frequency of calibrations differing from business to business. Typically, our customers require system calibration to be performed annually, however, the calibration frequency depends on the specific system itself. For example, if a system consistently maintains accuracy without any drifts for extended periods, the organisation may consider extending the calibration interval if a justification can support an extension.

Producing evidence of compliance and good maintenance

While not legally required, temperature sensor calibration provides ongoing confidence in the system’s accuracy. Calibration demonstrates compliance with industry regulations, which enhances trust and confidence. Overall, calibration offers numerous benefits in terms of functionality, compliance, and reputation.

Who can carry out the calibration?

Generally, there are two types of calibration services, UKAS / ISO 17025 standard or in-house / traceable standard calibration. In-house calibration is performed utilising internal procedures and reference equipment calibrated by a UKAS accredited laboratory. UKAS / ISO 17025 standard calibration is performed to ISO 17025 standard demonstrating the capability, competence, accuracy and traceability of the laboratory and its work. The achievement of UKAS accreditation demonstrates Contronics’ competence to manage and perform the activities defined by its UKAS Schedule of Accreditation. These activities include multi-point temperature calibration of temperature sensors and associated wired and wireless loggers and temperature mapping services.

Why choose Contronics?

Contronics systems and services are fully compliant with industry regulations, guidance and best practice such as 21 CFR Part 11, MHRA, HTA, WHO and many more.

Our ISO 9001, UKAS ISO 17025 and Safe Contractor accreditations are testimony to our capability, professionalism and service quality.

We don’t sub-contract our responsibilities. Our range of systems are designed in-house and installed by our field service team within the UK and overseas by carefully chosen distributors.

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