InfoPoint displays alarm conditions, current sensor values and settings, audit trail information and sensor trend graphs. Alarms can be accepted, channels can be inhibited and temporary disables initiated (e.g. for defrost).

All the frequently used system operation and maintenance functions are included. InfoPoint uses a tab layout to simplify navigation. Selecting the tab at the top of the screen changes the display mode.

When an alarm occurs, InfoPoint generates an audible and visual alarm, jumps to the alarm tab and displays the alarm information and advisory text.

Sensor trend data is displayed graphically.

The InfoPoint Dashboard provides users with a concise, visual overview of the system status by utilising familiar colour coding.

Username and password are necessary to accept alarms and a user comment is required for the audit trail. These are entered using the on-screen keyboard.

An image can be inserted on the status page to provide more information.

InfoPoints can be distributed throughout a facility as required and alarm notifications can be automatically transferred to a different InfoPoint when a department is not staffed. InfoPoint’s UPS ensures operation is maintained during changeover to the backup electricity supply.