The Portal is used to review, configure and administer a ProLog system. The Portal is a web application; this means that any PC on the network can access the ProLog system using a web browser.

The system manager specifies the users who have access to the system and assigns users to departments. Usernames, passwords and the required level of access permissions are allocated to users so that they can review, configure and maintain the system, accept alarms and alter settings within their designated departments.

Details of alarm acceptances, settings changes and any other interventions are recorded in a secure audit trail along with user’s name and comments.

A channel is configured for each piece of equipment attached to the system. Sensors are assigned to a channel and upper and lower warning and critical alarm levels are set. The channel names, sensor names, alarm messages and optional channel and sensor advisory text are entered.

The Portal can also display and print composite trend graphs showing all the sensors connected to any piece of equipment for any timeframe.

The Portal can sort the complete audit trail back to system switch-on by timeframe, event type, equipment, channel and department.