Temperature Monitoring

Prolog Temperature Monitoring System

ProLog is Contronics’ world-class, real-time, continuous temperature monitoring system, which is available in both a wireless or wired system format.

Our system is created to track, monitor and measure the temperature of samples to ensure that the temperature doesn’t drop or rise to a compromising level and stays within strict temperature parameters. It also has the ability to consistently be tracked using a web browser-enabled device and collect accurate readings of your temperature-controlled storage areas to store them so that they cannot be lost or erased.

temperature monitoring

Temperature Monitoring Systems

Prolog Wireless Temperature Monitoring

The Prolog wireless temperature monitoring system offers maximum flexibility on an affordable budget. Wireless systems are often chosen for their convenience but their other benefits include:

  • Low Installation Costs
  • Rapid project implementation timeframes
  • Flexible, easy-to-relocate equipment monitoring
  • System resilience against temperature data loss

Prolog Wired Temperature Monitoring

The ProLog wired temperature monitoring system is a reliable, dependable and durable option that includes:

  • Absolute reliability
  • Ultra responsiveness
  • System resilience against temperature data loss

All of these qualities in both the wired and wireless systems ensure accuracy in readings and complete peace of mind regarding the temperature of your samples.

Do you need help choosing between a wired or wireless system?

If you’re looking to install a new automated temperature monitoring system or upgrade your current solution, you may be faced with the dilemma of choosing a Wi-Fi temperature monitoring system or one that requires RF (independent radio frequency). We’ve put together a useful guide on the pros and cons of wired and wireless temperature monitoring systems to help you with your decision.

How do the temperature monitoring systems work?

Temperature Sensors

Our range of sensors allows strict temperature levels to be monitored. Each temperature sensor has a strong and accurate capability for detecting temperature change within the assigned temperature range. More information can be found here:

Data Loggers

The wireless loggers take continuous sensor measurements at 15-second intervals and transmit the temperatures of the worst excursion during the logging interval to the system database. For added system resilience, the loggers keep the sensor measurements stored in 7-day memory to ensure you can access as much temperature data as you need. More information can be found here:

Wireless Gateway

The wireless gateway is the interface between the network and wireless loggers.


The ProLog system connects to the existing local network which allows for low installation costs.

ProLog System Features

Intuitive User Interfaces


With an intuitive user interface, the ProLog system has been designed to be simple to use and easy to understand. The InfoPoint provides a dashboard overview of the system, letting users quickly review graph data and establish alarms.


ProLog Portal on the other hand, is a web browser application in which users with appropriate permissions can access the system from any web browser-enabled device along with a Wi-Fi connection. ProLog Portal also includes powerful filters, such as interrogating the audit trail back to system switch on, as well as sorting temperature data by timeframe, event type, equipment, channel and department.

Information visualisation

The information available in the ProLog system comes in these various formats:

  • Dashboard
  • Graphs
  • Floorplans
  • Equipment
  • Photographs


The ProLog temperature monitoring system is highly configurable, enabling the system to be completely tailored to your organisation, with features such as :

  • Multi-user usage
  • Permissions based under controls
  • Departmental responsibility
  • Multi-locations
  • No licensing costs
  • Can be expanded up to 3200 sensors
  • Varied system types – wired, wireless or hybrid monitoring
  • System software/ database hosting options – System hardware, on-premises server or virtualised server

Temperature Monitoring Alarms, Alerts & Events

Our system has sophisticated alarming, alerting and event recording with:

  • 4 alarm levels per sensor
  • Alarm levels specific to each sensor
  • Robust but flexible control of alarm status
  • Configurable alarm delays
  • Sophisticated alert escalation options
  • Mandatory alarm acceptance comments
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Full robust audit trails including date, time, event, settings and user
  • Wide range of alert methods: local, email, SMS, push notification, speech

Temperature Monitoring Graphing & Reporting

Comprehensive graphing and reporting included in our own temperature control and monitoring system give users a better understanding of the equipment and areas being monitored. This helps them identify trends quickly and implement corrective actions to avoid risk to valuable products. The features that help with this are:

  • Quick view graphs
  • Composite view graphs
  • Custom view graphs
  • Real-time data trends
  • CSV export

Temperature Monitoring Resilience

Dependability and resilience are designed into the ProLog system from conception to make sure that the system can withstand any issues that may come up such as connectivity issues. To achieve this, there are options such as:

  • Logger local memory
  • System alerts for connectivity and power issues
  • Robust data backup methods Tamper-proof data format
  • Uninterruptable power supplies
  • Watchdog option

Temperature Monitoring Compliance

We understand the importance of regulation compliance. Contronics systems and services are fully compliant with Healthcare and Life Science regulations, guidance and best practice such as:

  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • MHRA requirements
  • HTA
  • WHO

Our temperature monitoring checklist

With the right temperature monitoring system you can:

  • Fully comply with strict regulations
  • React quickly to alarms with real-time monitoring
  • Reduce waste, product spoilage or contamination
  • Prevent unnecessary major costs
  • Automate temperature checks to save time and labour costs
  • Maximise accuracy and efficiency

Feel free to refer to our temperature monitoring checklist to see what you need to bear in mind, and of course, get in touch with us if you have any questions or requirements.

Why use Contronics?

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